Swertia, the Semantic Web Entailment Regime Translation and Inference Architecture, is a generic Semantic Web reasoning framework that is based on first-order logic (FOL) reasoning. The goal is to provide reasoning support for all major Semantic Web reasoning standards, including RDF(S), OWL 2 (Direct Semantics, RDF-Based Semantics, OWL 2 RL/RDF rules), SWRL, RIF (RIF BLD, RIF Core, RIF+RDF and RIF+OWL combinations), and Common Logic. Available reasoning methods are entailment checking, consistency checking and query answering in the form of SPARQL entailment regimes. Internally, Swertia does not provide any reasoning capabilities itself but provides all necessary means to enable the use of existing reasoners to perform reasoning in the supported Semantic Web standards. The majority of FOL reasoners is supported, as well as Semantic Web reasoners for the building hybrid reasoning systems.

The current version of Swertia is available from its SourceForge project page.

Note: This page and the whole project is still under construction!

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Michael Schneider, Dec. 2011